Fiction Index

Blu Gilliand has published fiction in a variety of anthologies, magazines and websites. Check here for announcements on upcoming releases.

“Han and Greta”
Grimm Tales
Untreed Publishing
December 2011

All Hallows Flash Fiction Competition Winner
Something Stirs
November 15, 2010

Cafe Doom/Dark Discoveries Short Fiction Contest
Dark Discoveries # 17
Fall 2010

“Sitting Up With Grandpa”
Fifty-Two Stitches
Strange Publications
September 2009

“To The Devil, His Due”
The Flash Fiction Offensive
January 2009

“Three Graves”
Shroud #4
Shroud Publications
December 2008

Horror Library Vol. 3
Cutting Block Press
Fall 2008

“Mother Ocean”
Northern Haunts
Shroud Publications
Winter 2009

“Danger Well”
Shroud #3
Shroud Publications
August 2008

“Deadliest Catch”
AlienSkin Magazine
October/November 2007

September 9, 2007

Horror D’Oeuvres #15
The Delirium Insider
Delirium Press
August 31, 2007


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