Kickstarter Alert: Joe R. Lansdale and Dark Regions Press Need Our Help!

LabryinthSkullI don’t talk about Kickstarter campaigns on this blog often because there are so many worthy ones out there it could easily be all I talk about. However, I’ve found one that could help us get a new Joe R. Lansdale book, so I can’t help myself. Before I get to that, though, a word about a new October Country sponsor, Grammarly. I use Grammarly for proofreading because I want my writing to be good, not gud. Check them out and see if they’re a good fit for your own proofreading needs.

At this point in his career, Joe R. Lansdale may be best known for his crime novels and coming-of-age stories, but the man has a solid foundation in horror. So it’s always good news when he returns to the dark side, and that’s just what he’s hoping to do with a new psychological horror novella from Dark Regions Press.

Dark Regions is looking to release the novella next year as part of its Black Labyrinth line, a planned set of ten horror novels and novellas that will be released in formats ranging from inexpensive digital copies to deluxe collector editions. They’ve already released the first in the series, a gripping Tom Piccirilli novel called The Walls of the Castle, which proved to be an impressive start for the line. Now they’re turning to the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter to get Lansdale’s edition off the ground.

If you look at the different editions Dark Regions is aiming to produce, you can understand why they’re asking for help. It’s an ambitious set of books that will appeal to everyone from the casual reader (digital and trade paperback editions) to the hardcore collector (oversized, cowhide-bound hardbacks with a maximum of 23 copies made, signed and loaded with bells and whistles). You can see them all at the Kickstarter page, along with the various contributor incentives they are offering.

Personally, I’m more of a reader than a collector, but I do have a few nice collector items in the ol’ library, and I treasure them. They treat the book itself as the work of art, not just the story it contains, and if you can afford them they’re wonderful to own. Me – I just want to read a new horror novella by Joe Lansdale. If you’re of like mind, head on over to the Kickstarter (which is, as of this writing, sitting strong at over 40% funded with a little over three weeks to go) and back this worthwhile effort.


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