Clive Barker: “‘The Scarlet Gospels’ are finished.”

cenobite4Oh, you know, no big deal. Just Clive Barker dropping this little tidbit on his Facebook page today:

I thought you might like to know that THE SCARLET GOSPELS, a large novel which sets Harry D’Amour against the Hell Priest Pinhead, is finished, and has been delivered to my agent. I don’t yet have a publication date for it, but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know. I won’t say anything about the narrative except this: it’s a HORROR NOVEL with the graphic violence and perverse eroticism of the most intense tales from the Books Of Blood. Please feel free to share this news with any friends who might have been wondering about the book: THE SCARLET GOSPELS ARE FINISHED.

He followed it up later with this:

I want to follow up on my SCARLET GOSPELS announcement to just point out that I was quite truthful in telling you I unfortunately can’t even speculate as to the publication date of the book. It’s out of my hands, depending on the scheduling of other books on the publishers’ list. In my experience it never takes less than a year from delivery to street date, but it could be longer. The point is, it’s fruitless for me to try a guessing game because there are so many variables in play. I would ask you only to know that the book is on it’s way to the stores but beyond that I can tell you nothing.  As soon as I DO know something concrete it will be here on this page. But please don’t get pissed with Alex or myself because we can’t answer the WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? messages. I would love to be able to supply the information, but I probably won’t know for several months. Yes, it’s frustrating, for all of us. But the book is finished. Now others must get to work designing it, setting it, planning a release strategy and so on. Again, when I know something, you’ll know, I promise. My love to you, Clive.

The biggest roadblock to getting a Clive Barker book out is getting him to finish the book. That’s not a knock on him, by the way; the man is a creative perfectionist bursting at the seams with more ideas and projects than any person could juggle at one time. When he’s ready to turn something loose, that’s a big deal. When that something is a book that many of us have been anticipating since at least 1999, when Barker began mentioning that a final Harry D’Amour story – one in which he goes after Pinhead – would be part of an upcoming short story collection called The Scarlet Gospels, it’s a huge deal.

You can visit Barker’s official website to trace the evolution of this project. Meanwhile, I’m going to dig around a bit to see what else I can find out – you can bet this will be one we’ll talk about a lot in October Country as it gets closer to becoming reality.

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