‘Gorezone’ magazine set to return

Quiet, tasteful covers such as this are part of what made Gorezone legendary.

Quiet, tasteful covers such as this are part of what made Gorezone legendary.

The fine folks at Fangoria magazine made a quiet little announcement earlier this week that will be welcome news to gorehounds everywhere – they are bringing back Fango‘s sister publication, Gorezone.

Gorezone was a child of the late 1980s, when there was too much bloody goodness flooding theaters for Fangoria to handle alone. With horror output from the Hollywood studios coming at a rapid pace, the magazine was giving more space to sequels and slick serial killers like Freddy and Jason, which meant other stuff its readers were interested in – extreme horror, foreign horror, etc. – was getting squeezed out. So Gorezone was born to handle the overflow.

Apart from the covers, which sometimes featured Leatherface (or Freddy or Jason) but were more likely to have nasty FX shots from more obscure films, Gorezone became a fan favorite (and frequent censor target) thanks to columns from the likes of Chas. Balun and Tim Lucas, more in-depth articles on special effects, and its refusal to shy away from any photograph, no matter how bloody or gross. I mean, they called it Gorezone – what did people expect?

The magazine had a short run beginning in the late 1980s before being shelved, but it’s still a fan-favorite today. And now it’s coming back as a bi-monthly publication. It won’t be available on newsstands, but copies and subscriptions will be available through Fangoria‘s website. Keep an eye on that site for more details, including a date for the first issue, as they become available.


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