‘Crystal Lake Memories’ release date announced

Photo_08_hiresIt’s not often that I talk about horror movies here. I love ’em just as much as love the books, but I’m usually not compelled to write about them the way I am about fiction. But every now and then an exception comes along.

This won’t be the first time I’ve talked about Peter Bracke’s excellent book on the Friday the 13th franchise, Crystal Lake Memories. But it is the first time I’ve talked about the film documentary that’s coming to serve as sort of a companion piece to this companion piece. It’s also called Crystal Lake Memories, and a release date of August 27 has been announced. Also announced: a running time of over seven (7) hours.

Process that for a second. SEVEN FULL HOURS of behind-the-scenes goodness. Some of it, I’m sure, will be stuff that’s been seen before (there’s a lot of stuff out there thanks to the various home video releases these movies have enjoyed over the years). It will certainly sound like overkill to many, but I have no doubt there are fans out there ardent enough to mainline the entire thing in one sitting. (You know, fans like this.)

It’s coming out on Blu-ray only, and the pre-sale begins in July. You can find all the pertinent details here, and can check out the documentary’s official website here. You can also still order the book that started it all right here, and let me tell you – if this kind of thing is your thing, you won’t be sorry.

I’m honestly hard-pressed to explain why I love these movies as much as I do. There are tons of reasons not to like them. But there’s something about them, especially those first four (before Jason went full-on superpowered zombie, and was really just an insane man in a mask) that strike a chord with me. There are scenes and images in those early entries that are frightening to me on a primal level. Some of the others are just pure fun.

At any rate, if you’re fond of the fellow in the hockey mask, be sure and check out this upcoming documentary. It’s from the same production team that produced the amazing Never Sleep Again, which examined the Nightmare on Elm Street series in ridiculous detail. I expect it will be well worth our time.


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