Cemetery Dance announces new Stephen King hardcover, ‘The Dark Man’

king08limitedCemetery Dance has been teasing something big the last couple of weeks, saying only that “something dark” was coming.

Well, it’s here.

The publisher announced today a new collaboration between Stephen King and artist Glenn Chadbourne, the black-and-white specialist who has worked on a number of King projects for CD, including their Secretary of Dreams books. This latest venture is the first hardcover publication of King’s poem “The Dark Man,” a piece the author wrote in college about a character who would later come to figure prominently in much of his work. We’re talking, of course, about The Walkin’ Dude, Randall Flagg.

There are a number of editions on the way (and quickly, as CD’s website has at least the trade version listed for a July release), ranging from a $25 bookstore edition all the way to a deluxe signed edition that will run you a cool $1,750. All the details and ordering instructions can be found at the links above.

Between this and yesterday’s Joyland news, it’s been a big – and expensive – couple of days for King collectors. The good news for the average fan (such as your humble host) is that these new works will also be available in affordable additions that may not have all the bells and whistles, but will have the most important part – the story. As these books hit the shelves, please feel free to let us know which editions you grab and what you think of them.


4 thoughts on “Cemetery Dance announces new Stephen King hardcover, ‘The Dark Man’

    • Nothing’s coming up for me at that link. There is a trade edition that’s available to all bookstores – I was able to search and find that one the Barnes and Noble site.

      • word got back to BN from my inquiries and they have pulled it off the site noting that it was improperly listed as a signed edition…..should have read “slipcase”

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