A new Tom Piccirilli book, and a new chance to help the author

A new Tom Piccirilli book is always cause for celebration, but these days it’s also a sobering reminder of the fight the author has found himself in.

As we’ve discussed before, Piccirilli is currently fighting brain cancer. Reports indicate that he’s doing a pretty good job of kicking its ass so far, but he’s got a long and expensive fight ahead of him. Fortunately, the horror genre is all kinds of awesome, and several publishers, authors and fans have stepped in with gestures and donations and support of all kinds.

Now here’s another opportunity to throw some support and encouragement his way. Dark Regions Press will be releasing a new Piccirilli book, The Walls of the Castle, on November 13 via its Black Labyrinth imprint. The synopsis (which you can read at the previous link) is pure Piccirilli, describing a twisted, surreal pyschological thriller that touches on his familiar themes of family, grief and redemption. Dark Regions has five different editions planned for the title, ranging from a digital edition to an ultra-deluxe version of 13 copies bound in cowhide and containing a bonus novelette and essay by the author. Best of all, 20% of all hardcover proceeds and 100% of the digital proceeds will go directly to Piccirilli.

So, you get a new book from one of the most unique voices in the genre today, and you know that a good portion of your cash is going directly to where it’s needed the most. Sounds like a win all around to me.

Here are some more opportunities to help Tom Piccirilli:

Brian Keene on making donations directly to Tom Piccirilli
Tom Piccirilli at Crossroads Press


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