Essential October Reads: Al Sarrantonio

It’s become an annual tradition here in October Country to share my Essential October Reads, those works that best capture the essence of the Halloween season for me. This year I’ve asked some of my favorite authors to share their own Essential October Reads with us.

Today’s entry comes from a man who knows how to capture the essence of All Hallows Eve on paper – Al Sarrantonio, the man behind the “Orangefield” cycle of Halloween tales. Like many writers who spend every day immersed in the written word, his October essentials are often of a more visual variety.

Actually, I consider the month of October, leading up to Halloween, to be horror movie month. I try (unsuccessfully, alas!) to watch a horror flick each day, things I’m particularly in the mood for this time of year, especially ones that have an Autumnal feel. Some favorites that have that feel, and just don’t seem right any other time of the year: The Blair Witch Project, Halloween III. When I run out of those there’s plenty else: Dracula, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Nosferatu (Murnau and Herzog), all the Romero Dead movies and the remakes, the other Universal monsters, all the Invasion of the Body Snatcher incarnations, all the ’50s giant bug movies, Carnival of Souls, Invasion of the Saucer Men, Matinee, Attack of the Crab Monsters, and on and on.

I can’t wait.

I read horror fiction all year long, it’s never far away from me. October is my month for visual monster stimulation.

Al Sarrantonio is the author of nearly fifty books in the horror, science fiction, fantasy and even western genres. He’s written about Halloween in numerous books, including Orangefield and Hallows Eve. One of his latest projects is Portents, an anthology of original fiction from Joe Lansdale, Brian Keene, Tom Piccirilli, Kealan Patrick Burke and many others.

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