Essential October Reads: Keith Minnion

It’s become an annual tradition here in October Country to share my Essential October Reads, those works that best capture the essence of the Halloween season for me. This year I’ve asked some of my favorite authors to share their own Essential October Reads with us.

Today’s entry comes from artist/writer/editor Keith Minnion, who, rather than sharing an Essential October Read with us, chose to share an Essential October Place

TREASURE ISLAND as illustrated by N.C. Wyeth

The rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, the winter rye and second harvest corn fields, the ochres and umbers, the chalk-blue skies and three-hundred year old farms down old Route 1, that is literally my October Country. Every Autumn I make the drive down to Chadds Ford to walk the same fields and woods that three generations of Wyeths drew and painted. I visit the Brandywine Museum to see the paintings up close, and take the N.C. studio tour to stand on the very paint-stained, wood-worn spot where Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Mysterious Island were realized in oils. The magic there is palpable.  They call it Wyeth Country, but to me it is also pure October Country.

Keith Minnion is an accomplished artist, writer and editor. His latest book is the short story collection It’s For You. He has designed and illustrated books for Cemetery Dance, Lonely Road Books, and his own White Noise Press.

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