The ‘Nightmare’ begins in October

It’s almost here.

I’m talking about October, of course. Hands down it’s my favorite month of the year. That autumn weather is rolling in, and the Halloween season is in full swing. Scary decorations are the norm, horror movie marathons are in the planning stages, haunted houses and haunted hayrides are popping up all over, and there is a permanent chill – both literally and figuratively – in the air.

But that’s not all I’m talking about.

Back in May I directed you to the Kickstarter campaign for a new digital publication called Nightmare Magazine. The campaign hit its goal (and then some), which means that the Nightmare is about to become a reality. The first issue of the magazine, edited by John Joseph Adams and published by Creeping Hemlock Press, is now up for preorder and will go live on October 1.

While future issues will feature two reprint stories and two original stories each month, the Nightmare crew is pulling out all the stops for their debut, which will contain all original fiction by Laird Barron, Sarah Langan, Jonathan Maberry and Genevieve Valentine.  There’s no word on the site about the nonfiction features of the first issue, but I’m sure there will plenty.

Each issue’s contents will be serialized online throughout the month, but you can pick it all up at once for your electronic reading device of choice for $2.99 per issue, or $24.99 for a 12-issue subscription.

Start the month off right with this brand-new Halloween treat – I know I plan to.


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