Subterranean Press locks in two slots on the 2013 “Most Anticipated” list with new Lansdale, McCammon novellas

A couple of hints emerged today about novellas that should be coming to us from Subterranean Press in 2013, both of which should be exciting to fans of good stories.

The first one is more than a hint, really, as it is now up for preorder on the Subterranean Press website. I’m speaking of Dead Aim, a new novella in the “Hap and Leonard” series from Joe R. Lansdale. It’s not the first book in Lansdale’s series that Subterranean has published (Hyenas was released in 2011), so I hope this is a sign that the author has found a permanent home for shorter works featuring two of his best characters.

The synopsis for Dead Aim reads:

The story begins simply enough when the two agree to provide protection for a woman harassed by her violent, soon-to-be-ex husband. But, as readers of this series will already know, events in the lives of Hap and Leonard rarely stay simple for long. When a protracted stakeout ends in a lethal shooting and a pair of moldering corpses turn up in an otherwise deserted trailer, the nature of this “routine” assignment changes dramatically. The ensuing investigation unearths a complex web of lies, duplicity, and hidden agendas that leads from an upscale Texas law firm to the world of organized crime, culminating in the kind of explosive, anything-can-happen confrontation that only Joe Lansdale could create. Violent, profane, and often raucously funny, Dead Aim is a tautly written, hugely entertaining thriller and a triumph of the storyteller’s art.

This one is scheduled for a January 2013 release. I’m so there.

The other book I want to mention has not appeared on Subterranean’s site as of yet. It’s a novella by Robert McCammon called I Travel By Night, and so far the only information I can find comes from McCammon’s own blog, where he wrote about the story today. (Subterranean Press tweeted about the title a couple of weeks ago, but provided no details.) I highly recommend heading over and reading the whole entry, which is about a lot more than this particular novella. Here’s what he has to say about the story:

It’s set in the 1880s and is about a gunslinger/vampire/adventurer who seeks to reverse his state of vampirism and rejoin the human race. How he can do this is—at least in my mythology—to drink the “ichor” from the vampire who “turned” him. This creature being a beautiful woman called LaRouge, and protected by the Dark Society of vampires and shapeshifters who populate the underworld around her.

A return to horror, mixed with the type of historical setting he’s demonstrated such mastery over in the “Matthew Corbett” series of novels? Once again – I’m there. (There’s no firm release date on this, but McCammon mentions a possible May 2013 release on his blog.)

McCammon really seems to feel at home with Subterranean, which is allowing him to follow his muse wherever it takes him. Here’s hoping that he and Lansdale both continue to produce work that is true to their vision no matter who publishes it.


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