Internet crime in one ‘Click’

A little over a week ago I shared a link with you to a new online horror magazine some very talented people are working to get off the ground. (If you haven’t pledged support to them on their Kickstarter page, I’d like to pause here and ask you to consider doing so. Thanks.) Now I’d like to point you in the direction of an online crime fiction venture that’s already off and running with its second issue now available: The Big Click.

The Big Click is a bi-monthly mag featuring fiction and nonfiction devoted to the crime genre. Contents from the current issue are serialized on the website, and current and back issues are available for downloading at an extremely reasonable price. The first issue, which contains fiction by Ken Bruen and an interview with Joe R. Lansdale, can be had for a buck, and this month’s issue is dirt cheap at $2.99.

These kinds of ventures are popping up like mushrooms as digital publishing continues to gain a foothold, and I for one welcome them with open arms. Affordable, targeted content by talented people with a vision for what’s good and unique – what’s not to love? Let’s help the good ones thrive, shall we?


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