Help author Ronald Kelly send his daughter far, far away

Southern horror writer (and quintessential Southern gentleman) Ronald Kelly is trying to send his daughter away. And who could blame him? At just 14 years of age, Reilly Kelly has an opportunity that many will never get – she has the chance to spend three weeks this summer touring France, Italy, Switzerland and Australia as part of a People to People Student Ambassadors trip. These trips are expensive, and Ronald is a hard-working dude who nonetheless needs a little help to make his daughter’s dream trip a reality. He’s already offering a special edition (suitable for framing) short-short story called “Beneath the Bed” for sale as a way to raise funds, and now – with some help from the many friends that good guys like Ronald collect in the horror industry – he’s got an amazing auction going on at eBay featuring signed books by some of the genre’s absolute best.

Click on over, take a look at the list and tell me there’s not something there you want. Signed books by Joe Lansdale, Ray Garton, Jonathan Maberry, Nancy Collins, and Brian Keene, limited editions from a host of specialty publishers, and much more. The auctions run throughout this week, and Kelly is planning to add even more goodies to the list, so check early and check often!

Good luck to Ronald and Reilly, and thanks to everyone who’s able to help!

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