Trailer for ‘The Twelve’ sets dark tone for sequel

It’s been out for almost a month, but this just caught my eye – the trailer for The Twelve, Justin Cronin’s highly-anticipated sequel to The Passage:

I love it – it’s haunting and evocative, and maintains the secrets and surprises Cronin has in store while still making me anticipate the book. Remember when movie trailers did that without giving away huge plot twists? (I’m looking at you, Cabin in the Woods.)

So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to The Twelve? Does this trailer sway your opinion one way or the other? What are some book trailers that have caught your eye in the past?


3 thoughts on “Trailer for ‘The Twelve’ sets dark tone for sequel

  1. I was left oddly unmoved by The Passage, but if Cronin can finally achieve some of that book’s promise in the sequel, it might be worth reading. Based on the trailer, I’m hoping we finally get a full-scale confrontation between the surviving humans and the virals. Waiting for the batteries to go dead in The Passage was weak tea, but if he finally lets the lights go out in The Twelve it could be one horrific cup of strong coffee. I’m still a bit dubious, though, as to whether Cronin’s really up to the challenge of doing the sort of epic horror novel that I expected The Passage to be.

  2. I, too, found ‘The Passage’ tepid, so much so I never finished it. The first section was very interesting, but when it switched to the compound or whatever it was called, it became as dull as dishwater. I never understood all the hoorah about it. Suffice to say I won’t be reading the sequel.

  3. Being the first book of a trilogy, I can certainly see where ‘The Passage’ let some down because it was tasked with setting up a whole world and getting events into motion. That being said, I expect ‘The Twelve’ to be wall-to-wall action, fulfilling the promise of the first. The second parts of trilogies tend to be the best (and darkest) – curious to see if this one follows suit.

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