John Skipp to helm new e-book horror line

Ravenous Romance, an e-book publishing company best known for erotic fiction, is expanding into the horror/thriller business later this year with the new Ravenous Shadows line under the editorial guidance of author John Skipp.

According to a recent Publishers Weekly article, Skipp is looking to populate the line with stories that are short on word count and heavy on impact. “I want short, powerful novels and novellas that pack as much punch, personality, and plot as books three times their size,” Skipp is quoted as saying in the article.

Four launch titles have been announced:

  • House of Quiet Madness by Mikita Brottman
  • Tribesmen by Adam Cesare
  • The Devoted by Eric Shapiro
  • Die, You Bastard! Die! by Jan Kozlowski

The publisher plans to price the releases at $3.99 to $6.99 apiece, and hopes to release 30-40 titles per year.

News of the imprint has been floating around for a while, but with the initial titles in place it seems that the publisher is ready to move forward. It’s great news for the horror genre, as Skipp (who also lends an editorial hand to various publishing imprints like Eraserhead Press and Fungasm Press) has a great eye for strong material (this is one of the founding fathers of splatterpunk, after all…) and is as enthusiastic a supporter of reading and writing as you’re likely to find. This new imprint seems poised to make a big splash right out of the gate. Stay tuned….

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