‘Halloween’ series subject of upcoming behind-the-scenes book

Behind-the-scenes books have become all the rage these days, and I for one am glad. I love digging into books like The Hammer Vault and Crystal Lake Memories that are stacked cover-to-cover with photos, memorabilia reproductions, script pages, and interviews with everybody from major stars to the guy who ran catering on the sixth film in the series. The Alien series got the treatment last year, and the making-of books on Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and the Indiana Jones movies are must-owns.

Now another iconic genre series is getting the coffee table treatment: in October of 2013, Trancas International Films is set to release Halloween: The Complete Authorized History by Justin Beahm.

According to the press release circulating throughout the Internet, Beahm’s book will begin with John Carpenter’s historic first film and run all the way through the good and the bad that followed, including Rob Zombie’s two takes on the Michael Myers mythos and the upcoming (if it happens) Halloween 3D. Following the example of the titles listed above, the book will be packed with photos, interviews, magazine articles and other ephemera devoted to the Halloween franchise. With ten movies in the can and another one potentially on the way, there should be plenty of fodder for Beahm to work with.

Beahm is a Fangoria editor and a writer for Famous Monsters of Filmland, so he should possess both the writing chops and the fan cred to make this something special. Considering that Carpenter’s original film is my favorite horror movie, and that I can find something to love in just about all of the others (except maybe for the one with Busta Rhymes – that one’s just inexcusable), I’m very excited for this book. I understand waiting until the 2013 date to tie in with the original’s 35th (!) anniversary, but I wish I could get my hands on this one, like, now.

While we wait, consider this: what other film series would you like to see get a book (or books) like this devoted to it? I’m thinking a giant book on the Nightmare on Elm Street series could be something special. Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below.


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