Horror, noir mix it up in new comic series ‘Fatale’

One of my goals for October Country in 2012 is to up the comics-related content. There’s a lot of good work being done in horror and crime comics these days, and I’d love to bring more discussion of that work to this little corner of the Internet. I can think of no better title to jump-start those discussions than Fatale, the new supernatural noir comic from writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips, which hits the stands courtesy of Image Comics today.

Brubaker and Phillips have built an impressive body of work together over the last decade or so, and the thing that sets their work apart is the way they start off with straightforward crime stories and then spin them off in new directions. Criminal is the foundation, a series of pure crime stories that demonstrate how versatile and effective comics can be in the right hands; Incognito takes those same sensibilities and mixes them into the superhero world, proving once and for all that the capes n’ tights genre has all sorts of dark, shadowy corners that are just now getting explored.

Now, with Fatale, it looks like Brubaker and Phillips are mixing a little horror into their crime. According to this interview at Newsarama, the duo has planned an epic story stretching over 12 issues and spanning several decades, from the ’30s to modern times. While they have been careful to keep many of the details under wraps, images of a tentacle-headed, sharp-toothed mobster/monster have appeared in several previews (and in the cover reprinted on this page), hinting at a Lovecraftian tilt to the story.

Whatever it turns out to be, I’m sure Fatale will not disappoint. These two have an impeccable track record together, and Image is reportedly giving them free reign to tell the kind of story they want to tell, in the way they want to tell it. You can read a lengthy preview of the first issue here.

So, how about it? Going to check out the first issue of Fatale? Are you reading Animal Man, Swamp Thing, the new Creepy comics from Dark Horse, or any other good horror or crime comics? Let us know what we should be checking out.


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