‘Wind Through the Keyhole’ excerpt, artwork available online

Jae Lee's cover for 'The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole'

Tor.com kicked the week off right for Stephen King fans (many of whom have, by now, polished off 11/22/63 and are looking ahead to his next release) by giving us a look at Jae Lee’s cover for The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, accompanied by a good-sized excerpt from the book.

Lee is a comic book artist (and should be recognized by King fans as the main artist in Marvel’s adaptations of the Dark Tower series), and as such the cover (seen here) is an immediate departure from the more classic look of the previous installments. It’s an interesting look, giving it the feel (to me) of  the cover of a young adult adventure or fantasy novel. I really don’t care for the font they chose, and I think it’s interesting that they are going for a look so far removed from the other seven books, but it’s impossible to say if it works or not until the story has been read.

The excerpt is from the beginning of the book (and include’s King’s foreward) and doesn’t give much away. There’s a sense of King settling in, getting comfortable with the characters again. I can imagine it was a challenge not only to pick up writing about characters he thought he was done with, but also to have to go back and write them as they appeared halfway through the series; to pare away the characteristics they’d picked up in the last three books and write them from an earlier perspective. Again, it’s impossible to say if he’s succeeded until the entire book is read, but the flow seems to be there as this too-short excerpt draws to a close.

The trade edition is scheduled by Scribner for an April 2012 release. Special editions by Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc., are slated for a February 2012 release, and Grant is now taking orders.

(Thanks to Bev Vincent for getting the word out on this today. Seriously, if you want to know what’s going on with Stephen King, follow Bev on Twitter: @BevVincent. The man KNOWS….)

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