Jae Lee, Donald M. Grant give us peek ‘Through the Keyhole’

In their latest newsletter, Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc. continues to hold fast to a February 2012 release date for the limited editions of Stephen King’s eighth Dark Tower novel, The Wind Through the Keyhole. Plans call for an edition signed by King and artist Jae Lee, limited to 800 copies and housed in a custom-made traycase, and a larger run of 5,000 slipcased books signed by Lee.

Grant’s not taking orders yet, but they have posted a couple of pieces of black-and-white interior art by Lee, which you can see on their website. Lee’s work will be familiar to Dark Tower fans who follow Marvel’s series of graphic adaptations, as he was the primary artist on the first several miniseries.

For more information on the book, which King has stated is set between the fourth (Wizard and Glass) and the fifth (Wolves of the Calla) books, visit the section at his official website.

I’m slowly making my way through King’s latest, 11/22/63 (expect a review here when I’m done), but I can’t help it that I’m already looking forward to this new entry in the Dark Tower world. I know a lot of people were upset about the turn the series took with the last three books, but I wasn’t among them. I recognize their flaws, but I still believe King pulled off an unbelievable narrative feat with the series. As we all wait for our next meeting with Roland, tell me – what did you think of the way the series came to a close?


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