Thunderstorm rolls out first two ‘Ronald Kelly Essentials’

Way back in May we had a little chat with Ronald Kelly about Undertaker’s Moon, one of his early horror novels (released by Zebra in 1991 as Moon of the Werewolf), which was due to come out this fall as part of the “Ronald Kelly Essentials” line from Thunderstorm Books.  Well, fall has arrived and Thunderstorm has delivered – both Undertaker’s Moon and a second Kelly title, Fear, are now in stock and ready to ship.

Like a couple of new Blu-ray releases, both books come loaded with extras, including new cover art from Alex McVey (Zebra’s original covers, which you can see at Kelly’s website, were the epitome of early-’90s paperback horror art, hence unusable), a “The Writing Of” feature giving behind-the-scenes info on each novel, and a brand-new novella. Thunderstorm is giving this same “Director’s Cut” treatment to a total of eight of Kelly’s early novels, each of which will be limited to 125 copies at $65 apiece.

Thunderstorm has also announced that direct customers who buy all eight titles will receive a bonus hardcover chapbook with new stories by Scott Nicholson, Bryan Smith, James Newman and Nate Southard.

I’m a big fan of Kelly’s. He’s got a natural storytelling voice a lot like Joe R. Lansdale – when you read their stuff, it feels so effortless. Even though you know a ton of work goes into what they do, it’s obviously second nature to them, and it makes the reading experience thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re looking for a good small press investment, look no further.


One thought on “Thunderstorm rolls out first two ‘Ronald Kelly Essentials’

  1. I’d be curious to know how many readers of this blog purchase this kind of limited edition printing.

    The reason I ask is, if the answer is not many, wouldn’t it make more sense for the publisher to do a trade paperback edition that would be affordable to more people, thus potentially selling more copies?

    I’m not trying to be a naysayer, I’m genuinely curious. I know next to nothing about publishing.

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