Samhain Horror set for October debut

You’d think with a name like Samhain they’d already have a horror line. But, they didn’t – until now. Samhain Publishing, best known for their romance titles, brought in former Leisure editor Don D’Auria earlier this year to head up their horror imprint. D’Auria, one of the most respected names in the genre, has been hard at work ever since, and last week he announced that Samhain Horror is ready for its October debut.

Samhain Horror will lead off with a new novel by Ramsey Campbell, accompanied by re-releases of four of his older novels. Joining Campbell in that big first month will be W.D. Gagliani, Ronald Malfi, Kristopher Rufty, Brian Moreland and Hunter Shea. Then, starting in November, Samhain Horror will fall back to the Leisure model of two new novels each month, with the occasional novella thrown into the mix.

The complete 2011 schedule includes:

●      The Seven Days of Cain – Ramsey Campbell (original)
●      Obsession – Ramsey Campbell (re-release)
●      The Hungry Moon – Ramsey Campbell (re-release)
●      Dark Companions – Ramsey Campbell (re-release)
●      Ancient Images – Ramsey Campbell (re-release)
●      Wolf’s Edge – W.D. Gagliani
●      Angel Board – Kristopher Rufty
●      Dead of Winter – Brian Moreland
●      Forest of Shadows – Hunter Shea
●      Borealis – Ronald Malfi (novella)

●      Dark Inspiration – Russell James
●      The Lamplighters – Frazer Lee
●      Catching Hell – Greg F. Gifune (novella)


●      The Sorrows – Jonathan Janz
●      Donor – Elena Hearty

It’s an ambitious starting slate, with a good mix of established names and new blood, a recipe that served D’Auria well in his fifteen years at Leisure. And while the initial release makes no mention of digital releases of these titles, you can bet that’s coming – Samhain’s background in eBook publishing was one of the things D’Auria mentioned in our talk earlier this year as a strong point for the publisher.

With Leisure gone and Borders shuttering all their stores, having an established name like D’Auria bringing new written horror to a publisher with a viable digital publishing model is huge for the genre. It’s a boon to writers and readers alike, and I’m glad to see it finally getting off the ground. I’m hoping to secure a follow-up chat with D’Auria sometime soon, and if it happens we’ll dig a little deeper into what he’s got planned.

2 thoughts on “Samhain Horror set for October debut

  1. The first several Samhain Horror book-length titles will launch first in electronic format. Then, three months later, each will be released as a trade paperback. Eventually, all book-length titles will be released simultaneously in both formats. Novellas and other briefer works will see life in download form only at this point. I know all of this because two of my novels will be released by Samhain Horror in 2012. The first of these, Bloodthirst in Babylon, comes out very early–probably in January. Thanks again, Don D’Auria.

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