‘Fangoria’ magazine, Cemetery Dance team up for new book line

The first issue of 'Fangoria' I ever bought. Many more followed.

Hoo boy. This is going to be fantastic.

Fangoria magazine, arguably the most influential horror publication of the last couple of decades, is teaming up with Cemetery Dance, arguably the most influential small press horror publisher of the last couple of decades, to produce a new line of books. The line will kick off with Fangoria: A Celebration of Fear, a hardcover coffee table book featuring over 300 Fangoria covers with issue-by-issue commentary and a foreward by a top secret famous fan of the magazine (whose initials, I’d put money on, are S.K.).

According to the press release, A Celebration of Fear is slated for a 2012 release. Subsequent releases in the works include a collection of reviews from Fangoria‘s “Dr. Cyclops” and a short story collection.

Fangoria is to me and much of my generation what Famous Monsters of Filmland was to those who came before us. I don’t buy each and every issue of it like I used to (chalk that up to the lag in good horror movies, not a lag in my interest), but I still buy several a year, and I still have every single issue I’ve ever owned filed away in the home library. To see them team with Cemetery Dance to compile their work in what will no doubt be a series of truly beautiful books is grand news indeed.


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