Christa Faust auctioning early copy of ‘Choke Hold’

Christa Faust is giving fans a chance to read her upcoming Hard Case Crime release Choke Hold well in advance of its October release date. That alone is good news, but the idea that she’s doing so as a way to support an important cause makes it even better.

In the announcement on her blog, Faust states that proceeds from the auction will go to the Sports Legacy Institute, an organization founded by former professional wrestler Chris Nowinski to advance the study and treatment of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups. If you click around the SLI site, you’ll see article after article that results in a long and disheartening list of athletes, some living but many dead, suffering the effects of concussions and other brain trauma. Nowinski had his own athletic career cut short as a result of post-concussive syndrome, and it’s his story, according to Faust, that helped shape parts of her new novel.

Choke Hold is a sequel to Faust’s first Hard Case Crime book, Money Shot, and features that book’s popular main character, Angel Dare. In the new book, Dare gets mixed up with a young MMA fighter whose father – an acquaintance of Dare’s from her days in the adult film industry – is killed in front of her. You can read sample chapters from both books at the links above.

The auction is set to last a week, and Faust has pledged to match the winning bid in the donation to SLI. You can find a link to the auction itself on her blog.

Faust is an excellent writer and Money Shot is one of my favorite Hard Case Crime books. Give it a shot, support a great cause and have yourself a fine read in the process. If you win, let us know in the comments below. Good luck!

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