Do something good this week: Promote ‘The Five’

Robert McCammon latest novel, The Five, is due out in a couple of weeks, and the author is inviting fans, via his website, to join the book’s marketing team.

Check out this link to access downloadable files containing bookmarks and a shelf-talker promoting the new book, which details the  harrowing collision between a struggling rock band and a damaged Iraq war veteran.  Subterranean Press has already ordered a second printing of the book, which can be ordered at the usual outlets or directly from the publisher here. (You can also read a lengthy excerpt at that link.)

I haven’t had a chance to read the new book (anyone with access to an ARC and a proclivity towards kind acts for strangers, check out the Review Policy section for my contact info!), but the word is its one of McCammon’s best. I’ve been enjoying his Matthew Corbett series, and of course he’s got several classics to his name dating back to the first act of his career.

It seemed for a while that we’d lost McCammon due to his frustrations with publishers and the industry as whole, but he’s back fully now, writing prolifically and expanding the scope of his career in ways that he always wanted to. Let’s help get the word out, shall we? Print a few of these bookmarks up and slip ’em into books at your local bookstore – not just the horror titles, either. Get creative. I’m thinking Steven Tyler’s new biography is going to sell a load of copies, and that may be a great audience for McCammon’s rock ‘n roll nightmare.


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