Go ‘Beneath the Surface’ of Barker’s Abarat

We’re still months away from the release of the third book in Cliver Barker’s Abarat series, Absolute Midnight, but starting this week fans can immerse themselves in some new(ish) Abarat material.

Beneath the Surface of Clive Barker’s Abarat is a fully illustrated companion book that promises a deep look at the creative process driving this fantasy series. Barker is known for doing a lot of drafts of his written work, and when you add in the hundreds, if not thousands of paintings that he’s done for the Abarat books, you know there is a wealth of behind-the-scenes material to draw from. That he’s putting out a “making of” book with only two of the proposed five entries published shows the range of what he’s already accumulated.

Beneath the Surface is said to be filled with a lot of that material, including sketches, an abandoned opening section of the series, and plenty of teases for the upcoming book. Interestingly, while this almost screams to be released in an oversized, art-friendly format like The Making of Star Wars (and The Empire Strikes Back), the main edition is a $15 digital version available at Yudu. There is a print edition, limited to 100 copies signed by Barker and available for preorder through Barker’s website. $15 seems a bit steep for a digital edition, especially in a marketplace where $4.99 is a high price point, but I doubt that will deter Barker’s staunchest fans from checking this out.


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