Boycott Dorchester

I’m not usually one to call for/participate in boycotts. All too often, a boycott is a knee-jerk reaction to something that offended someone’s delicate sensibilities. The offended person then decides that not only are they going to withhold their cash/support/whatever from the offender, but everyone else should, too – and those that don’t are, in their eyes, just as bad as the offender.

This time is different, though. What Dorchester Publishing is doing, and has been doing for some time, is just plain wrong. Brian Keene, the author leading the charge for this boycott, explains it all succinctly in this post, but what it boils down to is this: Dorchester continues to sell books they no longer have the rights to, and continues to withhold payments owed to authors. That’s wrong, and there’s not getting around it or explaining it away.

I feel for Dorchester, a publisher I used to support by buying Leisure horror books and Hard Case Crime books on an almost monthly basis. They’ve been all but crippled by the recent upheaval in the publishing industry. However, their inability to react accordingly to shifts in the marketplace does not grant them the right to bleed their authors dry, and to rip off authors they’ve severed ties with, in a desperate effort to stay afloat. Because they continue to do this, I’m joining Keene and the rapidly growing list of authors, editors, reviewers, bloggers and fans in boycotting Dorchester, and I urge you to do the same.

Don’t follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and if you do, unfollow them and send them an email (a polite, professional email) telling them why.

Don’t buy their books or their ebooks. Especially don’t buy $1.99 remainder copies from Walmart or any other place else selling them – there’s zero chance the authors are going to see a dime from those sales.

Share your intentions on Facebook, Twitter, message boards, etc. The louder the boycott, the bigger the impact.

We all support writers we like by buying their books – now it’s time to show our support in a different way. They deserve to be paid for the work they do. Let’s do our part to make that happen.


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