New ‘Hellraiser’ comic, free prequel unleashed on unsuspecting world

An alternate cover to 'Hellraiser' #1, out today from BOOM! Studios.

Clive Barker is unleashing Hell once again.

The first issue of the latest comics incarnation of Hellraiser, arguably Barker’s most popular mainstream property, hits comic shops today. The series (from BOOM! Studios) teams Barker with co-writer Chris Monfette and picks up the threads of the mythology where the second film, Hellbound: Hellraiser II left off (a good idea, as most people feel the series went off the rails after the first two movies).

Barker’s official website, Revelations, has an interview with Monfette (who previously worked with the author on his 3-D comic Seduth) that gives a little insight into the role Barker plays in the series, and what the duo has in store for fans. You can also hit that same link to download a short prelude to the series, “At the Tolling of the Bell.”

Between this and the promised November publication of Abarat: Absolute Midnight, it’s looking like an unusually bountiful year for Barker fans. Hopefully this will spur progress on Black is the Devil’s Rainbow and The Scarlet Gospels and the next book of The Art….


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