PS Publishing offers hardback ‘Harvey Horrors’

Glen Chadbourne provides this take on Joe Hill, who writes the introduction to PS Publishing's first volume of 'Harvey Horrors'.

Collecting old horror comics in premium editions has become all the rage, and I for one couldn’t be happier. I’ve spent way too much money over the past few years buying up Dark Horse’s hardcover collections of Creepy and Eerie, not to mention the Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Archives. And now UK independent publisher PS Publishing is jumping into the fray with the Harvey Horrors Collected Works, beginning with volume one of Chamber of Chills.

This first entry in the series is extremely limited (unlike the Dark Horse collections) – 26 copies of a numbered, traycased edition signed by Joe Hill (who supplies an introduction) and Glen Chadbourne (who provides a creepy art print depicting Hill), 300 copies of a numbered, slipcased edition signed by Hill alone, and 670 copies of the standard bookstore edition. The volume reprints issues of the series from 1951 and 1952.

According to this dedicated website, the Harvey Horrors series will eventually see four volumes each of Chamber of Chills, Witches Tales and Black Cat Mystery, plus three volumes of The Tomb of Terror. These are all pre-Code comics, before the Comics Code Authority came along and, in the name of protecting the fragile minds of America’s youth, removed the teeth from horror comics as a whole. Ah, but that’s a subject for another day. For now, we have more classic horror comics to look forward to, reprinted in all their dripping, gory glory.


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