Subterranean Press, McCammon re-team for collection

Subterranean Press and Robert McCammon recently revisited the author’s classic werewolf saga The Wolf’s Hour, and today comes news that the novel’s hero, Michael Gallatin, will live on in a new collection of short stories and novellas.

The Hunter from the Woods draws together six new tales before and after the events of The Wolf’s Hour. Three novellas give us different glimpses of werewolf Gallatin’s savage war with Nazi Germany, while the other stories are concerned with his pre- and post-war life. The full lineup of stories includes:

  • “The Great White Way”
  • “The Man from London”
  • “Sea Chase”
  • “The Wolf and the Eagle”
  • “The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs”
  • “Death of a Hunter”

McCammon, who once walked away from publishing entirely because his publisher at the time refused to let him write outside of the horror genre, seems to have found a comfortable home with Subterranean, which will also be publishing his rock-n-roll novel The Five in May. He has a lot of diverse interests as a writer, from straight-ahead horror to the historical thrillers of the Matthew Corbett series, and it’s good to see him playing with all these different approaches and ideas without worrying about fitting everything under one restrictive label.

The Hunter from the Woods is slated for a November 2011 release in both limited and lettered editions. No trade edition of the book has been announced at this time.


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