Cemetery Dance announces new Jack Ketchum limited

Jack Ketchum’s work is not for the weak of heart, and the film adaptation of his book The Woman (which he co-wrote with the film’s director, Lucky McKee) appeared to literally drive one critic out of his mind when it debuted at Sundance recently. While the film’s legend continues to grow as we await its widespread distribution, the book remains something of a curiosity, available previously only in an ultra-limited (and ultra-expensive) edition. That is, until this week’s announcement from publisher Cemetery Dance that they are offering a new edition of the book.

The Woman is the story of the lone survivor of a cannibal tribe that once thrived up and down the east coast between Maine and Canada – the same tribe featured in Ketchum’s classic novel Offspring. Wounded in a battle with police, the woman takes shelter in the wilderness, only to be discovered and captured by a hunter who, although “civilized” by some standards, proves to be a savage himself beneath the surface.

Cemetery Dance’s edition will include a brand-new novella, Cow, also written by Ketchum and McKee, which takes place a year after the novel ends, and will be produced as a trade hardcover. Cemetery Dance’s edition will be produced unsigned, but Ketchum and McKee will both sign copies of the book preordered in the first week of availability at the publisher’s website. At just $35 a pop and limited to the number of copies sold in the first week, that’s a pretty good deal for collectors and casual readers alike.


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