Joe Hill gives a sneak peek at ‘Locke & Key: Clockworks’

An upcoming cover from 'Locke & Key: Clockworks.' Art by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Late last week, Joe Hill posted cover art from the final arc of his acclaimed Locke & Key series, Clockworks. According to the post, Clockworks will hit stores sometime in late spring or early summer, after the last issues of the current arc, Keys to the Kingdom, hit the stands.

For those not reading Locke & Key, it’s the story of a family trying to rebuild their life after tragedy. They escape to a rambling old Victorian mansion that holds as many secrets as it does rooms – although, escape isn’t really the right word, because the seeds of the tragedy that drove them there were planted at Key House a long, long time ago. It’s one of the best-written and most beautifully drawn things in comics right now, so do give it a shot if you haven’t. The first few arcs are available in various formats from publisher IDW.

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