Creeping Hemlock Press: ‘Print Is Dead’

Creeping Hemlock Press posted this piece of art on their Facebook page earlier this week. It’s Zach McCain’s “almost final” cover art for Pray to Stay Dead, the debut novel by Mason James Cole, and the first in the publisher’s new zombie-themed line, Print Is Dead.

According to the accompanying post, Creeping Hemlock has seven novels slated for the Print Is Dead line, a roster filled out with a mix of genre veterans and newcomers. The publisher has targeted the 2011 World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas, for the official unveiling of the line.

Creeping Hemlock Press is the brainchild of husband/wife team RJ and Julia Sevin. They have previously published books by the likes of Tom Piccirilli, Adam-Troy Castro, and Gary Braunbeck. Creeping Hemlock’s books are always impeccably designed and they have a great eye for quality writing, so the announcement of this many new books on the way is definitely cause for celebration.


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