Brian Keene resurrects backlist with Deadite Press

Deadite Press is bringing most of Brian Keene's back catalog back into print, beginning in February with 'Urban Gothic.'

There was no higher-profile victim of last year’s epic Dorchester meltdown than  author Brian Keene. When the publisher, whose Leisure imprint was home to a host of horror writers including Keene, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Bryan Smith and J.F. Gonzalez, announced it was ditching the mass market paperback format and ousted longtime editor Don D’Auria, Keene was among the first to jump ship. The aftermath saw Keene’s Leisure titles, popular books like The Rising and Ghoul and A Gathering of Crows, go out of print. Keene has been teasing fans for months via his website that news was coming regarding his out-of-print work, and today he came forth with a big announcement.

Beginning in February, Deadite Press will be reissuing a slew of Keene titles in trade paperback and digital editions, with Urban Gothic and Jack’s Magic Beans the first two titles out of the gate. Many of the books will be “author’s preferred editions,” and will restore material cut from the original paperback editions. Deadite will also be working with stranded Leisure authors including Edward Lee, J.F. Gonzalez, Bryan Smith, and Wrath James White to re-release old material and publish new works.

Keene also mentions new deals with Cemetery Dance, Dark Horse, Apex, and KHP at his site. It’s clear that 2011 is going to see an avalanche of material from Keene – both old and new. That can only be good news for the horror genre and its fans.


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