You are now entering October Country

Welcome to October Country.

My name is Blu Gilliand. You might have read my reviews over at Dark Scribe Magazine, or my interviews at my old home with You might have read a story by me in Shroud magazine, or Dark Discoveries magazine, or most recently on author Kealan Patrick Burke’s blog.

Chances are, though, most of you haven’t heard of me, and that’s okay too. Part of the fun of this is building an audience, building a reputation, and trying to get yourself noticed without shouting too loudly. I’m hoping that those of you reading this will come back not because you know who I am, but because you like what you see and you want to see more. Like it enough, perhaps, to bring a friend or two with you.

I hope, also, that you’ll like what you see enough to comment on it. Part of the inspiration for this blog is a movie blog called Motion/Captured written by a guy named Drew McWeeney. For years, Drew wrote as “Moriarty” for Ain’t It Cool News. I’ve always been drawn to Drew’s work because it’s clear that he’s passionate about film – all kinds of film – and he’s equally passionate about film discussion. His posts always feel like one side of a really cool conversation, and I hope to bring that same feeling to my work here. Agree with me, argue with me, go off on a tangent because something I write reminds you of something else I should write about….whatever. I hope that, eventually, this blog isn’t a one-sided affair.

As for what you’ll see here – more of what I’ve been doing elsewhere. I’ll mainly be concentrating on the literary side of horror – book reviews, author interviews, news, things of that nature. Opinion pieces from time to time. Plus I plan on keeping the format loose enough that there will be room for writing about movies and comics and anything else that remotely fits. I’ll be reintroducing a couple of features like Interview 5.5.5. and Ten Essential October… that I developed elsewhere, along with some new stuff that’s in the works.

So, there you have it. Welcome to my dark little corner of the Internet. Stick around…I have such sights to show you.


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